Meet Chamel of Chamel's Creations

Ahhh today I have another amazing small business owner to introduce you to! Chamel is the owner of Chamel's Creations where she creates beautiful faith inspired handmade gifts. What I admire most about Chamel is that she is not only a small business owner but a blogger, mom AND a wife! Seriously how does she do it?! She definitely has proven to me that I can one day handle it all as well. I also admire how she allows her faith in God to guide her in her business. Definitely something I'm constantly trying to get better at. My favorite product in Chamel's shop has to be the small wristlets that have various inspirational quotes and scriptures on them. Ya'll know I'm an inspirational quote junkie and love having them around wherever I go! Get to know more about Chamel below and see what she has to say about balancing business and family, business challenges and the future of Chamel's Creations!meet-chamel

How did you begin creating and what led you to open up your own online shop?
I've always considered myself to be very creative and my family have labeled me as the "jill" of all trades!  My first creative business adventure began in 2009 with my addictive love for ribbons...making custom hair bows.  I mean I had ribbon, clips, glue, buttons, and embellishments everywhere!  I worked my business part-time while working full-time as a Computer Engineer and enjoyed the creative and joyful fulfillment it gave.  The transition to sewing and my Christian line of products were totally a God thing!  After the premature birth of my youngest son (25 weeks and 1 lb and 9 ozs), jobless, and a new stay at home mom, God blessed me with the vision to use Chamel's Creations to encourage, inspire, and empower others through His word. [Read more about my journey here>>]
How do you juggle being a mom, wife AND business owner?
Only through God's is pretty tough at times!  I've come to the realization that I'm not superwoman and to stop trying to be! :) I'm a Proverbs 31 woman and my first ministry is home.  I'm still learning how to balance it all but I strive daily to have a set schedule for work (boys at school or mother's day out/night) and the rest of my day I juggle family life.  My go to has been my "top 3 to do list" which I list out three "must does" for home (chores), business, and family.  This allows me to set realistic and obtainable goals and at the end of the day I have a sense of accomplishment.chamel-1
What has been your favorite piece that you have created so far?
I just love the vision and direction that God has given me to design products that Glorify Him and my favorite product is the Sequoia wristlet!  I love the uniqueness and truth that stands out with this wristlet  - "She expresses the truth  - The Living Word".  I figured we can express ourselves and build God’s kingdom all at the same time! Just a simple glimpse of a scripture or cross can change an attitude, atmosphere, or someone’s heart.  [Learn more about the collection here]
What has been the biggest challenge you have faced since starting your own business?
My biggest challenge has been trying not be become overwhelmed with all the business tips, courses, etc. that's available!  I so want to succeed and love to learn but sometimes it can be a challenge.   My current challenge is learning how to properly market my products and my goal this year is to learn and try a couple different marketing approaches and see which works be on the lookout!chamel-3
What advice would you give to someone wanting to become an entrepreneur? 
Dream Big!  Write down all your heart's desires and pray about them.  Stay calm and focus on what you want to achieve.  Being an entrepreneur takes time and patience!  Begin by setting some attainable short term goals (3-6 months) and grow from there.  You will have some good days and probably a lot of bad days but keep pressing.  I've personally hung encouraging scriptures and quotes around my studio to motivate, encourage, and remind me of my "why" for becoming an entrepreneur!  You can do get to work! :)
When you are not busy with your biz, what can you be found doing? Any other hobbies?
I can be found running behind two little energetic boys (5 and 2) and attempting to not step on toys!  I  enjoy the down time of being snuggled up on the coach with my hubby watching movies.  I'm an SVU watching (Tuesday marathons), Sprite drinking, and chocolate addict!  Besides being creative, I enjoy Zumba or anything related to dancing.  Let's just say that if you were able to see the security footage at Gap or Old Navy, you would catch me getting my moves on....I can't help it...the music get's me going! I know I'm not the only one...LOLchamel-5
Where do you see Chamel's Creations in the next 5 years?
To be honest, this was the hardest question to answer!  I wanted to write a very detailed list of all my goals and aspirations.  However, the truth is "I DON'T KNOW"....well in the sense that I'm trusting God to direct my every step and I'm OKAY with that!  You might be thinking...well how will she grow if she doesn't know where she wants to be!  I have committed all my heart's desires to the Lord in prayer and at the end of the day I've always said that I wanted to use my creative God given talent to serve Him and others!  I know right now the goals that God wants me to achieve  and until He gives me further instructions, I'm just going to be obedient and do His will!  Yes...I do have a plan, but I'm flexible and on God's timing!
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