My Typical #OOTD

To say that I am obsessed with fashion blogs would be an understatement. Seeing how these girls put their flawless outfits together and then go out and take perfect pictures really amazes me and leaves me wondering how the hell they do it!  Anyone who can show me how to style a regular shirt from Forever 21 is always good in my book. But what I love most about fashion bloggers is how confident they are. Granted I don't know any of my favorites in "real life" but their confidence shines through their outfit posts and I definitely admire that more than their gorgeous outfits. I am the epitome of a jeans and tee shirt girl. On any given day you can find me in a pair of destroyed jeans and a band tee paired with a nice pair of chucks. Its what I love and what I'm most comfortable in. And jeans and a tee can easily go from regular day wear to dressed up for a night with your bests easily! Plus I work from home so that doesn't leave much room for reasons to get dressed up. The weather we had in North Carolina on Sunday was beautiful so I figured I'd show off my typical

"Blog Life" tee by IWYP by Whitney Ellen


Bracelets: Eclectic Star "The Essentials Black & Gold" and "Evil Eye" braceletsmy-typical-ootd-3

This was also in an attempt for me to be more comfortable and confident  in front of the camera. I am extremely shy and have been eagerly trying to get over my shyness since starting this blog.

I also realized over the weekend that as much as I don't really associate myself with the fashion community that being a jewelry designer is very much apart of it. Why didn't anyone remind me of this?

What makes you feel most confident?