Weekly Wishes #9


I'm going to switch it up a little this week and go ahead and put my goals out there for the entire month. I spent a lot of my Sunday thinking about things I wan't to get done this month so my list may be a tad bit long. But before I get to that lets talk about last weeks goals.last_weeks_goals

1. Work on getting press for the biz. I almost let fear and doubt get in the way of this last week but I took a deep breath and I did it! Can't wait for you guys to see whats next!

2. Enjoy the moment. As you know last week was pretty huge to me and I wanted to be sure I took a moment to just suck it all in and enjoy it. And I did. I don't know how many times out of the day I just sat there and enjoyed my moment! I even started a gratitude journal that I now write in every night.

3. Work on my dream/gratitude journal. See what I just said above. I started the gratitude portion but haven't gotten to the dream part yet. I def plan on working on that this week.

4. Get my house back in order. Ehh the house is getting there but my dog still needs a bath. I think I'll just go ahead and make her an appointment at PetSmart and let them handle it.this-months-goals

1. Look for a welding/metalsmith class. I'm ready to really step my jewelry up a notch. I have so many new ideas I just need someone to teach me how to bring them to life.

2. Purge BlogLovin' feed. I started doing this the other day but got a migraine and stopped. When I first discovered BlogLovin' I wen't on a following spree. Add that in with the blogs I actually do read and now its nearly impossible to finish reading my feed. So its time for a little blog purge.

3. Plot and research on a new idea. I have an idea that I have been thinking about for awhile now but I really need to learn everything there is about it before I let the world know. Hint: Its not jewelry related and its kind of blog/business related ;)

4. Pay some attention to the blog. I really wan't to set out a day dedicated to just writing and doing some "behind the scenes" work for this blog. I don't wan't it to become something I just half-ass.

5. Go through Pinterest tips. So I have built pretty amazing Pinterest boards for Blogging and Business tips. My only problem is actually going back and reading them after they have been pinned. I'm sure there is a lot of great information I probably need.

6. Do something nice for someone. I don't know what or to who. But I have been extremely blessed these past few weeks and I wan't to continue being a blessing to someone else. Even if its just leaving a note on a random persons car.

7. Update the Etsy shop.  After getting everything together for Eclectic Star's main shop I almost forgot I opened up a Etsy for ES too.

What do you wish to get done this month?

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