4 Things I've Learned & Lovely Thursday Link-Up

Someone asked me the other day if I felt different after my businesses two year anniversary. At first I rolled my eyes because that's normally something that you ask someone on their birthday (im rude). But I thought about it later and I do feel different. Not because two years have gone by and I have gotten older but because after two years of being in business I have learned so much about myself and this world around me. Things I'm not sure I would have learned had I not started Eclectic Star. Like... I love reading. In school you couldn't get me to read a chapter let alone read an entire book. I have always been amazed with the whole idea of being a business owner so when I decided to turn my hobby into a business, I dove head first into every business book I could get my hands on. I love learning something new and reading other business owners stories and in the past two years I'm extremely proud at how my book collection has grown.four_things_ive_learned

I'm passionate about helping people. More specifically helping people who wan't to either start a blog or pursue their dreams. I've been anti 9 to 5 for awhile now and when someone tells me they wan't to go into business for themselves I start cheesing like a 13 year old at a One Direction concert and my mind goes into over drive thinking of ways I could help them to make that happen. I can't wait to really use this gift as much as I would like. I have something planned :).

You can't please everyone. This is what got me into the rut I talked about here. I wanted for a long time to be liked by everyone until I finally realized that trying to make everybody happy was only hurting me.

If you wan't to succeed you have to make fear your b!#$%. When I first started Eclectic Star I was afraid to spread the word about it in fear of what people would say. I was afraid to pitch my brand to media outlets in fear of being rejected. And ultimately it could have ruined my business if I hadn't gotten a hold of it sooner. I say it all the time but fear is really just an emotion. Realizing that is the first step to greatness.

In all it has been an amazing two years and I am extremely grateful for everything I have learned along the way! Now go link up your favorite post because its a Lovely Thursday!

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