Meet Jennifer of Homespun Happiness

I am extremely excited for this feature today because I truly admire this young ladies work! Jenn is the owner of the online shop Homespun Happiness where she creates beautiful home decor items, cute accessories and some of the most stylish cozies I have ever seen. She also uses some of the money she earns through sales to support Reaching Out Romania , a prominent advocacy group in the struggle against human trafficking in Romania. Seriously whats not to love? If you are still looking for reasons, check out the Q&A below.Jenn1

How did you begin creating and what led you to open up your own online shop?

Every day I get to create things I love! Its the best job ever :)

You are a blogger too! How do you balance keeping up with a blog and an online shop?

It can definitely be interesting at times, and require a little creative juggling when it comes to time management. I have set "work hours' for each, and try to stick to them.... but that doesn't always work. It can get really crazy around Christmas and I usually take a nice long break in January! This year I'm working a little harder from now until the Holidays so that its not quite so overwhelming.jenn2

Whats your favorite thing you have created so far?

Right now my favorite item is the Ampersands and &'s 6 inch Hoop Art that I recently added to the shop. It has super tiny detailed stitches and I think it turned out amazing! jenn3

What can you be found doing outside of blogging and working on your shop? Any other hobbies?

I love to read and usually can be found with a book in hand anytime I've got a few spare minutes. I'm also crazy about quilting! I love playing with fabrics and creating something beautiful and practical.

What inspires your work?

Anything and Everything! I've learned to carry around a note book so that I can jot down ideas when ever they come. Anything from a line in a TV show to a Quote to a funny animal can cause my brain to go into overdrive with new ideas.jenn5

What can we expect from Homespun Happiness in the future?

I'm working on some messenger bag and new clutches that I'll hopefully have listed before too long. Also I've got a whole new batch of Ouchie Owls that will be finished and in the shop soon!

Any parting words or anything we should know?

I love what I do and I hope that my customers love the results too!

Now that you know a little more don't forget to connect with Jenn on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and check out her shop!