Thank You + Some Blog TLC

Words can't express how extremely grateful I am for all of the tweets, retweets, blog comments, kind words, new orders and giveaway entries I received yesterday. Ya'll, I cried so many times I honestly thought that my eyes were going to swell. Seriously thank you to all of you for making my day super special..It's definitely going down as one of the best days of my life! Special thank you to my friends and family for helping me celebrate my businesses two year anniversary and for continually supporting me! I know of several people who have no one backing them up and I literally thank God everyday for such an amazing support system! I promise to have beautiful actresses play you in my future Lifetime movie.thankyou

Now that the tough part is over, I can finally get back to being my normal self (sorta) and paying some attention to this blog of mine. I have a few post ideas that I have been playing around with that I'm hoping will make some sense once I start typing and not just sound real good only in my head. In the past few months I have definitely felt like this blog has become my second child (Eclectic Star being my first) and I almost feel guilty when I neglect it. Because of my bad a** Pinterest skills, I have compiled one hell of a list of blogging tips so I'm hoping I can use a few of those to show the blog some love this week.

How do you give your blog some TLC? Do you feel guilty when you don't give your blog enough time and attention? this is starting to sound like a relationship =/