Weekly Wishes #8


This my friends is the face of a girl who is literally having the BEST DAY EVER!! I'm still on a high from my post earlier today and all things Eclectic Star but I didn't wan't to neglect my goals for the week.last_weeks_goals

1. Finish and finalize everything for Eclectic Star.I killed it! After many long nights and stressful moments I am extremely proud of how everything turned out!this_weeks_goals

1. Work on getting press for the biz. Owning a business goes above and beyond just creating great work. For the most part the hard part is over but now its time to spread the word!

2. Enjoy the moment. I think we get so caught up on working so hard on things that we often forget to just take a moment to enjoy our hard work. That's exactly what I plan to do this week.

3. Work on my "dream/gratitude" book. I may blog about this later but Ive been reading a lot about manifesting your dreams and how important it is to constantly write them down and surround yourself with them. I have an idea on how to do that but I'm going to give it a try before I share it with ya'll.

4. Get my house back in order. I have clothes piled up and a dog who currently smells like Fritos. =/ My space outside of work def needs some TLC


What do you wan't to accomplish this week?

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