I'm Bout This LIFE

I have been going on and on for the past few weeks about my excitement for Eclectic Star's 2 year anniversary and although I'm sure my excitement has been oozing out of my blog posts, it hasn't been easy. I am so extremely grateful that I have been blessed with the opportunity to be able to on my own business but I won't even lie and say that some nights I have wondered if it was all worth it. Stressing over deadlines, stressing over materials not coming in on time, trying to figure out how to do things that I have NEVER even heard of and ultimately running a one woman show. The stress and anxiety will really weigh down on you. Not to mention the bags under my eyes are not hot honey. But if you were to ask me if I could see myself doing anything else. The answer would be no. Because regardless of all the bad things that come up, all the sleepless nights and the stress..waking up every morning knowing that I get to do something that I absolutely love trumps all of the negatives. No matter how hard it gets I know that I'M BOUT THIS LIFE and there are not too many things that I can't accomplish. So if you are currently struggling and questioning if you should keep going, just take a moment to remember why you started..I promise that you will feel 100000 times better.remember_why_you_started Speaking of businesses, I have the pleasure of introducing you to another small business today! Gipsy Dharma is a small business based out of England and Wales and specializes in handmade clothing and leather footwear. What I love most about Gipsy Dharma (minus the fact that everything is handmade!) is that they pride their selves on simplicity and making their footwear as comfortable as possible, almost as if you are wearing a second skin.

gipsydharma The Gipsy Dharma boots are are all designed to help you in your journey, inspire you and help raise your self awareness. All in hopes to bring out your inner free spirit. If you are like me a little help and inspiration goes a long way!Gipsy_Dharma_Boots_in_black_and_purple_grande Ya'll know I'm extremely passionate about supporting other small businesses so be sure to visit their website and let me know which items are your favorite! I'm currently crushing on the antique purple knee high nubuck boots. Also don't forget to follow them on twitter, facebook and pinterest!