Weekly Wishes #7


How do you like the new packaging?

last_weeks_goals1. Do something special for myself. On Friday I called myself taking a "ME" day. I slept in...got up and snacked..read a little..took a nap..and by around 4pm I was bored as all hell and felt a little guilty that I wasn't up doing SOMETHING productive smh..it was a very relaxing day but I def feel like I could have done better at it.

2. Take more pictures. If taking product pictures counts then yea I completed this goal. My intentions were to take a few pics of myself to update that pic you see to the right but I got so caught up in other things that I completely forgot about till now.

3. Figure out photoshoot details. Yea about that..lets just say I'm going to do something a little differently..keep me in your thoughts & prayers =/

4. Finish making products so I can do #3. I didn't finished..mostly because I decided to add new designs to the mix so it slowed me down a little. But I def plan on being done within the next two day.this_weeks_goals

1. Finish and finalize everything for Eclectic Star. Because procrastination is in my blood, my to-do list this week is a mile long. From finishing making products, to product descriptions, pricing, finishing up the website and a million other things..I have  a lot of long nights ahead of me. So yea basically this is my only goal for the week. If I don't show up here for a day or two just know I'm around somewhere sweating bullets. Just send me all the positive vibes you can.

What are your goals for this week?

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