Why Sponsoring Other Blogs Is Great For Growth


I've been in this blogging biz for about 7 months now and in my opinion it has been growing pretty quickly. Almost more than I can currently keep up with. And as much as I would like to say its because of how awesome I seem via the internet its probably because of some of the amazing bloggers I have sponsored along the way. Before I started this blog I had no idea bloggers sponsored others blogs. I honestly thought the only advertisements bloggers received were from businesses and I just assumed that they would be really expensive. Little did I know that this was one of the biggest ways for you to get your name and blog noticed. I was a little hesitant at first. Like why would I just hand over my money for a spot on someones blog? Especially someone I didn't personally know. No one even knows me. How did I know I wouldn't just be wasting my money? HOW DID IT EVEN WORK? Thankfully I just wen't for it. I believe the first blog I ever sponsored was Taylor's over at The Daily Tay and I have been a sponsoring maniac since then. Not only have I seen an increase in my page views and received a couple great opportunities but I have met sooo many other amazing bloggers. And for someone who gets extremely anxious when meeting new people that alone has been a reason why I will continue to sponsor other blogs. Sometimes its not all about the money or the numbers. I have met people that I can relate to, people that have related to me and even met a bunch of great bloggers right here in my area. All of which I'm not sure would have ever happened if I wouldn't have put myself out here to be found.

Now I completely understand we all have responsibilities and may not be able to put a lot of our money into sponsorship's. But I'm a firm believer in investing in yourself and anything that you may be passionate about. And if you are blogging in hopes for it to one day become your full time gig...well it takes money to make money, honey. And there are a lot of bloggers out here that offer very affordable ads. (I used to search through Passionfruits blog directory for hours just looking for bloggers who I shared similar content with and compared their prices and sponsor perks.) Two bloggers that I have sponsored in the past that offer very affordable ad options are Megan from Lush to Blush and Jackie from Jade and Oak. These ladies were amazing to me during my time on their sidebars and I definitely feel like I got my money's worth.

You should also know that sponsoring blogs is not miracle work. You probably won't become a superstar blogger after spending 30 days on your favorite bloggers sidebar but it's a start. The purpose for sponsorship's are for brand exposure, you still have to have great content that will keep those new followers coming back and build relationships with your new audience.

What are your thoughts on sponsoring other blogs? Have you received great feedback from them? Who are some of your favorite bloggers to sponsor?