Weekly Wishes #6


Last week was good and I'm extremely proud of myself for all the things I got completed. Even though it left me exhausted over the weekend, it was worth it. I promise after the 24th, I'm taking a day for myself to do absolutely nothing. Last week I said I was going to decide on the final packaging for Eclectic Star and I did! I can't wait to show ya'll the final product. I killed water like it was nobodies business and I also found a few great blogs to sponsor this month! And as you can tell, I redesigned the blog. Let's hope I can keep it up this week.this_weeks_goals

1. Do something special for myself. I've been working my ass getting stuff done for the Eclectic Star anniversary in a few weeks and I think I deserve a little treat. Nothing major, but just something to take my mind off of work for a little while.

2. Take more pictures. Not just meaningless Instagram selfies but real pictures. I realized after I had to answer some interview questions the other day and didn't have not one decent pic to add that I rarely take GOOD pictures.

3. Figure out photo shoot details. I have a model and shoot idea but I need a location and more importantly a photographer =/

4. Finish making products so I can do #3. I've changed my mind on a few pieces that has pushed me behind a little but I can't really have a photo shoot without products huh?

What do you have planned to get done this week?

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