Good Lookin' Four Eyes

You know how we all have those embarrassing pictures from when were little that we refuse to let see the light of day? Well my friends almost every picture I own from the 7th grade on down I wish would just somehow disappear. Why? You’re asking. Everyone has an awkward stage that they go through when its like certain parts of your body just don’t match. I get that. Its just that my awkward stage lasted about seven full years. I was short, extremely skinny and my glasses frames were bigger than my face. I heard it all from being called “ugly with coke bottle glasses” to my favorite “You would be cute if you didn’t have glasses.” What? It finally got to a point where I begged my mom to buy me contactsglasses_2 I didn’t realize how bad I had been traumatized until it was time for my adult self to buy more glasses. Days leading up to my eye exam I obsessively looked at eyeglasses online to try to get a hint of what I would like. And on the day of my appointment I literally took an hour in my optometrist’s office trying on every single pair of frames they had. And with me being my dramatic self, every time I tried on a new pair I tried to think of every possible joke some jerk could come up with. Finally, after going back and forth with two pair that the lady said were exactly the same (oops), I settled on my first pair of glasses in over nine years.

And ya’ll I LOVE them! I really only wanted eyeglasses because after a full day of wearing contacts I would get the worst migraines and my doctor suggested that I give my eyes a rest. Plus my insurance was paying for them so I definitely wasn't going to let that go to waste. I never thought I had the "face" for glasses but I guess its because I never really had a choice in what I wanted. And they have definitely evolved since my 90s Mickey Mouse frames.glasses_1

So to all the boys who told me I would be cute if I didn't have glasses, you already know what karma is :)

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