Redesigning With A Purpose

Oh another day, another blog design? You're thinking? Well sort of. I have been struggling to find something that fits ME for the past few months and I think I have finally got it (for now). All my other attempts were from me looking around at other blogs and seeing what I liked and putting things together from that, but this time I really sat down and thought about exactly what I wanted..not only in the design and colors but the blog as a whole. What did I wan't to talk about? What would be my niche? And after reading Helene's awesome post yesterday I think I have it figured out.

**let me start off by saying I am not a web/graphic designer, I really just Google the things I would like and then figure it out on Photoshop..fake it till you make it or nah?**

Anywho, lets start off with my header..whenever I'm thinking about a logo for some reason my mind automatically wants something that is extremely flashy and sparkly...which is awesome but that's not me.  I love anything black & white and anything with a straight line. I have found that when I keep it simple is when i'm the most satisfied. So this time around I just picked a sharp bold font and kept up the chalkboard theme from my last design. And since the Eclectic Star logo is getting a makeover as well (check it out on Instagram) I wanted both of my brands to kind of match. And the tag line, I really just thought it was cute but I didn't wan't to just call it a "inspirational lifestyle blog" because I can't promise everyday will be inspiring.TANlogo_small

The categories (look to your right) are the same for right now. As you can tell I haven't talked much about my nail polish obsession on here in a while. That's because I haven't had the time to put together any diy nail designs but I promise to bring it back soon. And I know I have been going in on the business updates but ya'll that's because I am extremely passionate with the whole world of owning a business, like every single bit of it. I don't wan't to drown you with talk about my biz because I don't wan't this blog to feel like I'm just trying to sell you something but YA'LL I genuinely love talking about it! Small businesses, business tips and getting to know other business owners makes me its my "thang". I started this blog not only to get out my random thoughts but to also document my journey as a new entrepreneur. And I feel like its about time I really start doing that and start sharing what I have learned.

Speaking of being passionate, something I am also extremely excited to add is the little "Ask Alisha" button to your right. I have had a few people email me and ask me about tips on starting their business or if I think they have a good idea or just wanting advice in general. I don't think anyone understands how much those emails mean to the last one I received legit brought me to tears (thanks Kai :) ) I LOVE helping people, even if it's just by listening to someone vent..I really love being there for people. So I set up a little Google document so people can easily and simply ask me anything! It can be business related, it can be advice on if you should take your idea or passion to the next can be about my journey..hell it can even be what color Essie polish I think would look best on your fingers. I don't mind. Some of the questions I may even turn into blog posts with my answers. But no worries..if you wan't to be kept anonymous I def won't put your name out there.ask_alisha

I should probably also say that I'm not an expert at anything nor am I a millionaire business owner or relationship coach or anything else..but I believe what I have experienced may be able to help someone else. And if I don't know the answer I don't mind saying that and I will definitely do my best to find it or point you in the direction of someone who would be better at answering it.

Moving along..When I first started this blog I was doing something called "The Locals" list. My intentions were to feature local boutiques, restaurants and cafes around my area and the cities that I visit. I clearly got lazy off track with that but I wan't to bring it back to life in the new year.

All in all I wan't this blog to ooze of all the things I love. So what do you think of the new design? I still have some changes to make. Some of my pages need to be updated and all of these iPhone pics of myself and my dog need to be changed BADLY so bare with me. And I do wan't to change the layout, but ultimately the whole feel of the blog will stay the same.

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