Love, Discounts, Goals and A Giveaway

I'm currently in bed typing out this post because I have come in contact with the worst stomach bug known to man. So excuse me if you read something that sounds slightly cray. But I do hope all of your weekends were amazing. I did pretty good with my goals from last week I did actually begin making new accessories for Eclectic Star's relaunch. I didn't teach myself anything new on Photoshop but I did use it to "step out of the box" and created new Thank You cards. And I would say that I was pretty happy, you know up until Saturday night when the "bug" hit. Now about this week.

This Weeks Goals

1. Decide on new packaging for Eclectic Star. This is by far one of my favorite parts about selling accessories but it is also stressful. I wan't everything to be as close to perfect as possible. And I wan't people to have that ahhh moment when they open up their boxes.

2. Drink more water! I'm not sure when I fell back into my Pepsi/Cheerwine addiction but its been making me feel crappy. So back to water and a little juice.

3. Find some new blogs to sponsor. A lot of my energy has been going into the biz but I don't wan't to leave the blog neglected. Who are some of your fav bloggers to sponsor? Let me know!

4. Redesign the blog. This was supposed to be happening while I was "watching" the Super Bowl but for obvious reason that didn't happen.

The Nectar Collective

And on to the next topic. I'll be shutting down the main shop in about two weeks so that I can get it prepared for the relaunch. So of course what better time to offer a SALE! From now until Feb. 14th just use promo code FEBLOVE14 to receive 25% off your entire order. That code is good for products in both the main shop and the Etsy shop! Oh and if you use the same code all of my ad spaces may or may not be 25% off too :)feblovesale1

Last but not least, some amazing bloggers and I are helping Rekita from Her & Nicole celebrate her one year blog-iversary with this amazing giveaway! Enter below for your chance to win $250 paypal cash!

Rekita at Her & Nicole and Friends are giving away $250 PayPal cash to celebrate one year of Blogging!!
From Left top to Right Top

Whoo ok I'm done! Happy Monday ya'll!