Weekly Wishes #4

Like I said on Friday, I most def sucked at getting some of my goals completed for the week. It was a rough one. I did manage to get dressed 2 out of the 7 days last week. But I honestly felt silly just sitting around the house fully clothed. I attempted many MANY times to create the marketing plan for Eclectic Star but it didn't go over as well as I expected and I honestly think that's where my frustration rooted from (I'll talk more about that later). Oh and my new blog design has been postponed due to me not knowing exactly what I wan't it to look like. I know you are probably thinking "so what the hell did she do?" I did begin reading "You Are A Badass"! I'm like 4 chapters in and its already an amazing book.

Weekly Goals

1. Start making new accessories for Eclectic Star. Yep in less than a month my biz will be turning two and its time for me to decide what to add to the main website and what to keep. I have a good idea of what I wan't to do but my ideas have been known to change depending on my mood =/

2. Teach myself something new on Photoshop. Not exactly sure what I wan't to teach myself yet but I oddly enough find peace in learning my way around the program. Last week I figured out how to make pretty white backgrounds for my products.

3. Make "Thank You" cards. In every Eclectic Star package I write thank you notes, I still wan't to keep doing that to make it personable but I also wan't them to look clean and neat as well. (if that makes sense)

4. Be Happy. Sounds simple enough but the past few days have been a serious test on my patience and overall mood. Vowing this week to keep my chin up and to stop letting things I have no control over ruin my "happy".

So that's my week, what do you wish to accomplish?

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