5 Things I Can't Live Without + Some Extras

I like to think of myself as a somewhat simple woman..it doesn't take much to make me happy and I can pretty much adapt to almost any situation. But a girl needs her necessities in order to be able to function at 100% on a daily basis. So just in case I'm ever stranded somewhere and need the help of my lovely readers, here are a few things I can't live without.5_things 1. My Planner. My memory is probably equivalent to the mind of a toddlers or an 80 year old woman. Seriously its terrible. I keep my planner close because if I don't write down everything I need and need to do I'll most likely look like a deer in head lights all day. Not to mention I am a paper product hoarder, but I'll save that for a different post.planner_cant_live_without

2. iPad a.k.a Apples greatest invention.EVER.  Easier to carry around than a laptop with all the same functions as an iPhone. When I first got mine I brushed it off because I really didn't think I needed it but once I figured it out I was hooked! Is it sad to say that I don't remember life before it??

3. Nail polish. If you have been following this blog then you know I have quite the obsession with nail polish. Naked or chipped nails makes me cringe. I may walk out the house looking like I just woke up but you better believe my nails will be shiny and new.

4. Lipgloss. I looked in my bag a few days ago and realized I'm a lipgloss hoarder. Its like a bad habit, even when I probably don't need any you can catch me reapplying some around every 20min or so.

5. A good book. This obsession just recently started within the past year or so since I have been getting really serious about building my biz. In school you couldn't pay me to read but now I find peace in being able to sit quietly without some kind of electronic device distracting me. I have built up a good little collection of books over the past year, especially business books. (maybe I should do book reviews?)good_books

What things can't you live without?

And in completely unrelated news. All of the Valentines day commercials that have been popping up lately have put me in a real mushy mood. You ever have a boo send you some pretty flowers or take you out "just because its Thursday?" You know how good that made you feel? Well that didn't happen to me lol but I thought it would be sweet if I did a giveaway of  a few of my favorite things "Just because its Thursday" :) Enter below to win this journal set, two tubes of the CO Bigelow lipgloss, Ombre polish kit from Sally Hansen and this Eclectic Star "Living Over Existing" tee. The giveaway will end next Thursday! *US residents only please*cant_live_without

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