Don't Let The Miserable Stop You From Dreaming

So about two years ago when I first started making jewelry, it was at a time when it seemed like everyone and they mama were doing the same. So of course when I decided to to turn my little hobby into a business of course I got the "So you make jewelry, too?" question followed by the "Oh everybody doing that" statement paired with the "stink face" look. For a long time it bothered the hell out of me. Not because I was being added into the list of "fad business owners" but because I felt like something I was so passionate about was not being taken seriously.dont_let_the_miserable_stop_you I had to learn to ignore it because for awhile those comments made me doubt my whole purpose (I'll save that for a different blog post). I thought about it, "everybody and they mama" want's to be a doctor or a lawyer but that doesn't stop thousands of people from enrolling in school every year. There is always going to be someone out there doing either the same thing or similar to what you are doing. I mean just look at the millions of thousands of blogs out there. I'm sure that didn't stop the ladies of A Beautiful Mess from building this huge brand around something that they love! So why should I let it stop me from

And then I noticed the same people who were making those comments were not doing anything but constantly complaining about how much they either hated their job or whatever situation they were in. I was actually taken control over my life and doing something worth waking up every morning for. So why listen to the miserable? They were not helping me nor paying any of my bills for that matter. So I let it g

This has been something that has been Ive been wanting to rant about for awhile because it seems like every time I get onto a social network someone is questioning anothers choices. In a world where "everybody and they mama" are doing everything, you have to remember that passion, work ethic and consistency trumps all. So who cares what the next person is doing...JUST DO YOU!

Lexe in the City