Friday Inspiration + Link Love


Is it just me or does it seem like whenever you have a deadline to get something done that's when it seems like there was only 2 days in the week?! This week wen't by waaaay too fast. Anyways, lets talk know that little voice in the back of your head telling you that you can't or that feeling you get down in the pit of your stomach when you are about to try something out of your comfort zone? That is fear. I truly believe that fear is what stops a lot of us from going after what we really wan't and what has us often doubting ourselves. Will people think i'm crazy? what if I fail? what if I can't do it? (all questions Ive personally asked myself numerous of times) It is still one of my daily struggles. But what I try to keep in mind whenever fear tries to creep in, is that fear is only an can't hurt you nor stop you from doing whatever it is that you wan't to do. And just like every other emotion it can be controlled.  Will it go away? No. Fear is normal. But what you allow that fear to stop you from doing is all on you, boo.

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