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Happy Thursday loves! I'm excited to introduce to you an awesome blogger and one of my sidebar ladies, Rebecca from XOXO Rebecca. She blogs about her life and all things crafty and she just recently added a beautiful baby girl to her family. Go say heeyyy!xoxorebecca

 What made you wan't to start a blog?
I honestly started a blog a long time ago and used it more like a diary. It wasn't really public but something to keep my thoughts and feelings in. Then I started up different blogs about various things and then three years ago, started up this blog I have now. I just started seeing people and their blogs around and thought it looked like a lot of fun to try and do something that I would want to actually grow and share and build readers with.
If you could take over any ones blog for a day, who’s would it be?
This is an interesting question. I don't think I've ever been asked this one before. I think I would probably choose Maria from Agape Love. I love her blog, follow her daily and wish I was as talented as her in doing makeup. She is amazing at tutorials and everything girly that I love.xoxorebecca_3
Quick, your plane is leaving in 30 minutes and you only have time to take one thing. What would it be?
My camera. I can't live without taking at least one photo of something a day.
If you could see one band/artist in concert over and over again, who would it be?
Nsync....yes, I admit, I still love them after all these years and will continue to love them. I cried at their concert {sad but true}.
**I'd be down for a Nsync reunion!**

 What can you be found doing when not blogging?

I enjoy being creative. Doing graphic design as well as illustration {that was my major}. I also am a mom of three {one of them is a brand new baby who is only a few days old} so I'm chasing after them all day. I like shopping and exercising! I was obsessed with going to the gym but had to calm it down during my pregnancy. But I fully plan to make a big comeback now that the baby is here.

Any parting words of wisdom?

Just that I really enjoy being a blogger and having such amazing friends I've met through blogging. Most of them are more genuine then friends I see everyday in life. I feel so happy to have the people in my life who I have met through this community.

Now that you have gotten to know Rebecca better be sure to follow her and keep the love going!

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