Friday STYLE Inspiration + Link Love

Normally my Friday Inspiration posts go a little something like this...I post one of my favorite inspirational quotes from the week, talk about it then proceed to give you my fav links from the week. But its a new year and I feel like starting it off a little differently. I have been stalking this young ladies Instagram for the longest. Her name is Folake Kuye Huntoon and she is the Editor of Now ya'll know I don't know jack squat about fashion but I do know what I like. And homegirls style is flawless! What I like most is that her day-to-day outfits are things that I would actually wear. She literally takes being a "jeans and a tee girl" to the next level and I LOVE IT!style_pantry Cute right? And her hair has to be every naturally curly haired girls dream! Anyways if you are looking for some style inspiration I def suggest you follow her. Be sure to heck out my favorite links from the week below! Happy Friday luvahs.

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Linking up with Whitney today!

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