Currently Obsessed: Coachella 2014 Line Up

For as long as I can remember (at least back to my early years of college) I have been obsessing over the yearly Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival held in California. The three day weekend consists of every large and small music artists you could possibly think of in a huge open field with people dancing and singing around for hours. Oh and hotels are optional, for the full Coachella experience it is suggested that you just camp out on the grounds (they provide showers and toilets and such). Sounds amazing right? And it seems like every year the line-up gets better and better. But this year they have most definitely out done them selves because freakin' OUTKAST will be the ya'll know how rare that is to have both Andre 3000 AND Big Boi on a stage TOGETHER?! Not to mention some of my favorite artists like Calvin Harris, Lorde, A$Ap Ferg, Capital Cities, Haim and a crap load more will all be performing during the three day festival. Only problem, the tickets are $375 (plus plane tickets and money for food). So even though I may have to be extra hype from the house watching the live stream, it still amazes me how someone can put together such an awesome event.coachella_2014 I sound like a STAN right? That's because I am and I've never even been before. I just love everything about concerts and being in a place with people with the same interests excites the heck out of me. So anyone have a rich uncle they can let me borrow? Promise to give him back.

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