Weekly Wishes #1

Normally when I set goals for myself I just kind of go with the flow and do small things towards them until they are completed. But as of lately I have been noticing that it is taking me more and more time to get ish done. So I'm going to give setting a deadline a try. Since Eclectic Star is turning TWO in exactly 47 days 21 hours 59 minutes and 24 seconds, I really need to get on the ball of getting things done so that on Feb. 24 I can celebrate how I wan't to. So sorry most of these may be business related but ya'll already know my life has been less than festive as of late.weekly_wishes


1. Finish writing the new "ABOUT" section for Eclectic Star. I don't know why it has taken me so long or why I despise doing it so much but it HAS to get done or I really can't do anything else.

2. Think of new blog post ideas. I have definitely been going with the flow over here on this bad boy which isn't bad until I get to this white box and nothing but mush comes out.

3. Finalize new Eclectic Star and blog logos. Everything will be shiny and new in just a few short weeks.

4. Fold clothes and do laundry. My laundry basket is filled with clean clothes that I washed about to weeks ago and my floor currently houses all of my new dirty clothes. feel free to judge.

It doesn't seem like a lot but each task could take hours to complete (at least for me). What are you looking to get completed this week?

The Nectar Collective