Life Lessons From 2013

I said at the beginning of this year that this would be the year of sacrifice not even knowing I'd end up quitting my job, put pretty much everything I had into my business and start this blog among many other numerous good times and crazy emotions. But what I wasn't aware of were all of the things I would learn about myself and life throughout this year. Someone once told me once I turned 25 that things would begin making since and I be damned if they weren't right. So instead of doing a year recap like I had originally planned I decided to share a few things that I learned in 2013.life_lessons

I am ME, I am far from perfect but I am ME. Own it.

Reading and naps will fix any bad mood or situation.

There is no success without sacrifice. (hello, year of sacrifice)

Everything you have sacrificed for your dreams is setting you up for a major pay off. (see previous)

If he cares, he will put forth the effort.

Oooh and my favorite.. It's cool to still believe in "true love" but no one is perfect and neither are you. Stop letting the past scare you from the potential.

Don't be afraid to ask for what you wan't. (learned that one from Helene)

Shit happens. You will cry. You will get over it.

Tequila shots should be taken slow and while standing.

When traveling. Don't trust the locals.

Everything that you are afraid of doing never turns out to be as bad as you thought it would.

There is an inspirational quote for everything. Find them and stick them everywhere.

You can plan all damn day but if there is no action behind it you'll still be stuck in the same place you were a week ago.

Confused? Start a blog. You'll quickly find out that you are not alone.

You can't do everything on your own no matter how hard you try. You need Gods guidance and the support from friends and family.

You will lose your "creative mojo", it will come back and you will lose it again. Its because you have gotten off track and neglecting your passion.

Sometimes you just need to start over and that's perfectly fine.

I'd like to just take a moment to give 2013 a round of applause. Seriously, I can't pin point one specific moment but this year has been amazing. Based off of everything I've learned this year, combined with all of the changes and things I would like to start in a couple days, I have nothing but positive thoughts about 2014. What have you learned this year?


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