I Survived The Holidays

Its the day after Christmas and I'm alive! Through all of the crazy shoppers, stress from trying to decide what they heck to buy people and giving into gluttony multiple days in a row all while remembering the REAL reason for the season and trying to grab just a piece of Christmas joy..I MADE IT and now I feel like the world is somewhat back to normal..at least for a few more days. Our family gets together to celebrate on Christmas Eve so that meant me being able to enjoy my ENTIRE Christmas day in bed. Seriously, I didn't move. Yesterday was one of those days where I didn't feel the urge to be doing something productive and I didn't feel anxious while trying to relax. My mind def needed the day off, thank you baby Jesus! I wish I could say I'm going to be extra productive today but my bed is currently winning. I hope all of you had blessed and amazing holidays!  

Wait, no picture? My bad.