My Fav Songs Of 2013 Are All From Beyonce

When Helene announced she would be hosting a link up today about all of our favorite songs from 2013 I immediately tried to think about all the songs that have been permanently stuck in my head for the past few months.  Like Kanyes "Bound 2" that I played for weeks or Lorde's "Royals" that I literally played for MONTHS. But then something happened..and not just any ol something. BEYONCE HAPPENED! Homegirl dropped a full blown album complete with videos without any type of promotion, hints or singles. So of course after listening a few times, my original list of songs I had has been destroyed because now the remainder of this year and quite possibly next year is all about Beyonce!yonce I have been a Beyonce fan from the start and this has to be by far one of her more versatile albums. I mean she goes from being emotional, to sexy, to hood, to lusty, to bringing out her inner bitch back around to being emotional.  DAMMIT ya'll she killed it! Here are a few of my favs.

"Pretty Hurts" (emotional)

"Drunk In Love" (sexy!)

"Yonce" (hood) *sorry its just a preview

"Rocket" (lusty) yes, give that man a show!

"Flawless" (her showing her inner bitch badass) "I woke up like diiissss.."

"Blue" ft. Blue Ivy (emotional) Yes the baby is actually on the song and its one of the sweetest songs I've heard in a long time.

Seriously if ya'll haven't given the full album a listen I really suggest you do ASAP! It can be purchased HERE.

Helene in Between
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