The Girl With No Make-Up

Can I just vent for a second? So the other day I'm in the nail polish isle at Target (minding my own business might I add) and a girl walks over to me and asks if I liked the shade of lipstick she had and if I thought it would look good on her. I politely said it was a pretty color and that I thought it would fit her well BUT I'm not an expert because I DON'T WEAR MAKE-UP! She looked at me and gave me THEE sickest look ever! Almost like she had just heard I had some kind of contagious disease and she was afraid she was going to catch it. Ya'll I wish I would have asked her to remake the face just so I could take a picture of it..It caught me all off guard! YES I may very well be the only 25 year old woman in the world (just let me exaggerate here) who does not wear make-up (except for a little black eyeliner but that doesn't count) but that doesn't mean something is wrong with me. When I was in middle school I was fascinated by the thought of painting my obsessed and I suppose after getting caught one too many times with glitter eye-shadow over my eyes..the punishments made me lose my fascination. And when my my mom actually gave me the green light I was like "nah.."no_make_up

Little me feeling all the joys of playing in make-up and me now bare faced.

So why is it that I don't wear make-up? I think its mostly because I'm lazy. It already takes me forever to find something to wear and adding in applying make up would just be ridiculous. And a little bit because I'd rather spend that money on food..come on tacos and tequila > make-up. But MAINLY because I would have no clue what I am doing and I'd be afraid that I would end up looking like THIS..wanda

and or THIS...


Maybe one day I'll get that fascination back and be pushing girls out of my way at the MAC counter but until then I'm completely happy with my bar face. And to homegirl in Target, I hope that lipstick didn't work for you :)

Happy Tuesday luvahs!

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