An Unrealistic Christmas List

If you haven't noticed already I tend to dream big around these parts. And Christmas time should be no different. I'm pretty much at the age now where you don't make a Christmas list, you hint around like crazy and just hope your family wasn't ignoring you all those months prior to C-day. And although I am extremely thankful for whatever I receive, it doesn't hurt to dream a little right? So if I had it my way this is what I'd be seeing under the tree.katespade

This Kate Spade Beau bag. I'm in love. You know if purchasing a $500 bag is an option.


The Nissan Altima Coupe is actually one of my goals for 2014 but I would not be mad if someone just wanted to go ahead and drop this bad boy off into my drive way Christmas morning. Not mad at all.beyonce

Beyonce is the last person on my list of artist that I HAVE to see live! She has a show Dec.22 in NYC, so if  Christmas could just come a little early and gift me with some front row seats, a plane ticket and hotel stay that would be great.


I know someone out there is tired of seeing me post fuzzy pictures. I'd like to be upgraded to this bad boy.


Adam Levine? No? Maybe I'm pushing it. But Lord seeing this man bright and early Christmas morning would make my entire LIFE.

So how many creepy Santa laps do I have to sit on to make this list reality?!

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