alex_elleI don't have much to rant about today, mainly because I am currently experiencing every symptom and emotion Mother Nature tends to throw at us women PLUS everything under the sun (and Lifetime) has made me wan't to burst into tears. (Seriously even last nights American Horror Story really almost made me cry). So I'll just leave you with this quote. If you are not familiar with Alex's words she is truly an amazing and inspiring  woman. I'm not sure how she tends to dig so deep into herself and put her emotions onto paper but she has become one of my favorite young writers. Not to mention every other quote of hers I feel like she is speaking directly to me. (I have so many "Amen!" "Yes, Girl!" moments) She has also just recently published her first book "Words From A Wanderer" which is definitely a must add to your bookshelves. I hope all of you enjoy your Thursdays! Excuse me while I go attempt to man up.

And a huge thank you to all of you who answered my Blogging Questions yesterday! The support and advice I have received in the past few months is the main reason why I love this whole blogging community.


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