2014 Letter To My Future Self + A Giveaway

I borrowed this idea from one of my favorite bloggers Jess of Jess Lively. Each year she writes a letter to herself about all of the things she hopes to accomplish in the new year as if they have already been done. And when the next year comes in she looks back at the list to see what she has accomplished and what she hasn't. Sort of like a vision board put on paper. I was going to keep this letter in my personal journal but I really loved the idea and wanted to share it with you all. I'm starting a little early but these are all my intentions for 2014, so I'll be comparing at the beginning of 2015. Wish me love!2014_letter_to_my_future_self Dear Alisha,

As I see myself walk into the door of 2015, I see a beautiful successful genuinely happy woman. I am not only successful in business but successful in life. I am finally at a point in my life where I can honestly say that I am extremely happy with life and confident in all of the decisions that I have made. Over the past year my faith in God has grown tremendously and I finally realize that I can not do it alone (I need his help). In life, I am confident and no longer worry about what others may think. I am FINALLY living in Raleigh, NC in my own two bedroom apartment decked out in all of my favorite colors and modern decor. The second bedroom is being used as my office/studio and it is truly my dream space. I have also finally laid "Lucy" to rest and upgraded to my Nissan Altima coupe that I have been wanting for the past year.

I have opened myself up to love. And not just any love. I am with someone who truly appreciates me, believes in me and my dreams and loves me flaws and all. The love that we share is equal and we are planning for the future.

Eclectic Star is booming! I am turning a hefty profit and I have also started selling my accessories in a few small boutiques. My products are in high demand and I am almost at the point where hiring outside help may be needed. A few of my pieces have also been spotted in major publications. I finally have a grip on being a business owner and I realize that all of the confusion and late nights up reading were well worth it. My brand is well known and respected and it feels AMAZING!

My dream for my blog has come to light. I am posting daily about my journey as an entrepreneur and everything I am passionate about. And through my words I have inspired many to take the "leap of faith"  into their dreams. From sharing what I've learned so far in life and as a business owner, I have built my personal brand as someone people can come to for advice about anything..like a friend or a mentor. It has even led me to adding an "Ask Me" feature to the blog. I have also worked with major brands and bloggers. Most importantly I have reconnected with my love for writing and everything I type comes straight from the heart.

This year has been full of traveling (NY,TX and Cali) and learning more and more about myself. I am no longer afraid to speak out and be heard about topics that I am passionate about and the thought of networking with others no longer terrifies me.

In all, 2014 was an amazing year! Continue to kick fears ass in 2015.

Happy New Year, the 2014 Alisha

In Jess' post she also mentioned to remember that everything you list are just intentions and not to beat yourself up if you don't accomplish everything because things often change. I am so ready for the new year its almost sickening.

Now for the goods!  I'm helping Aleshea of Glitz n' Grits celebrate her one year blogiversary! Enter to win some great prizes then stop by her blog and tell her congrats on one year!!

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Happay Birfday to me. Happay Birfday to me. Happay Birfday dear Glitz & Grits, Happay Birfday to me.

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