Eclectic Star 26% Off Black Friday + Beyond Sale

I hope all of you are awake from your food comas (aka the itis) by now because as of now (well midnight) EVERYTHING in the Eclectic Star shop is 26% off with promo code: GIVETHANKS Why 26% and not 25%? Well I really have a thing for even numbers and I figured the entire world will be 25% off today.26Anyways, not only is everything on sale, I have also added a few one-of-a-kind pieces to the site as well. Meaning once they are gone they are gone for GOOD!golddot2buddahhead I will also be giving away Eclectic Star tee shirts and tanks and other things through out the weekend so be sure you follow on Instagram and Twitter!tees I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends! Don't forget while you are crowd surfing through department stores this weekend to peacefully shop local as well :)