Not me personally but this site, although I am contemplating on a new haircut. Anyways, I think I've said this before but I am one indecisive little winch when it comes to things like blog designs. I don't know why but if  I'm not 100% with it, you better believe it will be changed multiple times until I am. I've been saying for a few weeks that I was going to work on re-doing my site, for the third and hopefully final time and with a little boredom over the weekend it finally got done. I honestly thought it would take me a lot longer to do since I wanted it to be just right but surprisingly it was done in a little under three days. With some help from Google and inspiration from my Blog Design Pinterest board, I finally feel like this design is ME. Its simple and clean, everything I love about a website.logoforpost So whats new? Like I said I wanted to keep it clean and simple so I wen't with a chalk board style theme with just a pop of this peachy color. Ya'll wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to stay far away from all things pink, glittery and water color-ish but I think I did a pretty damn good job.thesite

Up top I've added a new "PRESS" page which will have all of the sites that this blog and Eclectic Star have been featured on. Over to the right I've added two new categories "Business" and "Music". What I love most about this blog is that I can not only talk about whatever the hell comes to mind but I can freely talk about things I am passionate about as well. So expect to see whatever song I may be addicted to at the moment and business tips (from my opinion) added in to my daily randomness. I suppose I should say that I am in now way a business professional but I believe sharing is caring and if I come across something that may help others I definitely want to share. Oh and you won't be seeing a bunch of artists and music features either, so please tell your wanna be rapper friends to not send me their struggle tracks. Thanks in advance.

Oh and I actually played around with some HTML too. Nothing big but I managed to figure out how to change the font of my post titles and make them larger. Major milestone for me because I was terrified I was going to screw everything up. Thank God for Google!

Look around and tell me what you think. I promise I'm not changing it again...maybe. And congrats to Brittney for winning the ad space and Sephora gift card from Sarah over at Venus Trapped In Mars!

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