Life According To Instagram

Since my house has been (and still is) a hot mess from all of the minor changes we have been making, I have turned to social networks HEAVY to keep myself sane and entertained. Sad right? So while I have been filling your timelines with my randomness I figured I'd show you what I have been up to via Instagram.IGCollage 1. You ever look at something yo have been working on for a really long time and say "Damn, I'm proud of myself"? Well I had that moment looking at the Eclectic Star website.

2. A sneak peek of my mini bathroom renovation! Its still in the works but I am very pleased at how it is turning out.

3. So since our floors were being replaced throughout the entire house, I have had to move from room to room until being kicked out. Yesterday I spent a total of 5 hours (maybe more) sitting on a small couch in my kitchen. Words can't express how happy I will be when this whole process is over.

4. The cuteness that is my sister-dog Miley. Homegirl turned 2 a few days ago..which is huge if you knew my mothers track record with dogs. =/

5. Confirmation.

6. While being confined to my room walls I did manage to get some work done for both this blog (which will be getting a new look pretty soon) and my business (which I will be adding new products to soon)

Happy Hump day luvahs!

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