MUSIC || Kanye Wests Latest Video + My Confusion

So yesterday Kanye debuted his video for "Bound 2" on the Ellen Show. This is my favorite song off of his album Yeezus, so after missing the debut yesterday I checked it out first thing this morning. And I am very confused to say the least.

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Of course the video features his baby-mama now fiance Kim Kardashian, I figured that much. But the video itself was just awkward as hell. Now I am one of the biggest Kanye West STANS known to man and the majority of the time he can do no wrong in my eyes. But there are times when I have to put my love aside and look at him strangely. This morning was one of those times. The video starts out with several horses (that I thought were unicorns at first) running through water and a field , then the rest is just basically shots of him in front of a green screen and riding on a motorcycle while Kim seduces him (and yes she is topless).

I LOVE love and you can really tell that Kanye is truly in love with Kim. But what I am confused about is why he decided to display that love (which we hear and see about everyday) in this video? Like we know you love her homie. But seriously this is something that maybe they should have kept personal and he should have made an entirely different video for his fans. For this to be one of the best songs off of the entire album plus the fact that he rarely ever releases any type of visuals to his songs, I feel that Kanye could of done a hell of a lot better. But of course, that's my opinion.