I Need Some Motivation

This post was originally called "Monday Motivation" until I realized its more of a statement..anyways Happy Monday!overplanning



Ya'll would not believe me if I told ya'll how exhausted I am from painting ONE bathroom this weekend. I seriously think my project was a little more than I could handle but I can't wait to hopefully share the final product with ya'll later this week. Anyways as I was doing my daily Pinterest stalking I came across this little quote "Over-planning kills magic". And I be damned if it isn't the truth. I've noticed a lot, especially in blogging. that too much planning tends to take the spark out of what I am writing about. Sometimes I'll get a burst of ideas and try to go ahead and schedule them all for the next week then I'll go back and read it and I'm like "no this is terrible". I have to learn not everything needs to be planned out.. I'm definitely an "in the moment" type of girl and that's where my best work comes from. Hence the reason why sometimes I tend to roll over at 3am and write things like this.

I hope all of your weekends were great! I'm going to attempt to take a nap while several men (some of which could be my new boo) install our new floors. I'm linking up with Meg today!