If You Change Your Blog Design One More Time

So next month (on the 20th) to be exact my little corner of the internet will be 6 months old. Awesome right? Well of course. But within these past 5 1/2 months I have changed my blogs design around twice. See I am somewhat of a perfectionist. I will change something around 20+ times until I feel like everything is in the right spot (or maybe that's OCD? whatever.) Anyways since my blog will be a year old before I know it I really wan't to put together a layout that I feel is me. I like how it looks now, but its doesn't have the look and feel that I want.mylayoutSo what is it that I want? I love a modern clean look, preferably black and white with small pops of color. And for my name/logo I wan't a simple font but something that stands out. Something like a handwritten font that is easy to read but still has a personal feel. Some of my favorite sites layouts are extremely chill and not all of the place, that's what I wan't. I'm sure my whole description is a little confusing which is why I am in no rush to make these changes. And since I will be tackling this project myself (as of right now) I made a Blog Design Pinterest board to help me sort out all of my ideas..so if you see your site on there don't think I'm a creep I just really admire your sites design. And if you see some strange things happening around here just know I'm either experimenting or have messed something up. If you have any tips on how to go about this process please let me know!signature