Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone + A New Product Added To The Shop

So a few days ago I was asked the question "What do you do?" And I completely froze up. Like a deer in head lights type frozen. Why? I have not one clue. I am extremely proud to say that I have taken that leap of faith into entrepreneurship and that I get to wake up every day to do something I adore. But the problem is that I have no problem saying all of that to myself. When it comes to openly speaking about it I tense up. Not sure if its because I am still extremely shy or if I am afraid of what others may say. But what I realized is that I am still walking that thin line between my comfort zone and the life I wan't to live. So I am challenging myself to tell at least one person about "what I do" a week until the whole conversation isn't so uncomfortable to me. Ya'll wish a sista some luck.everythingAnd during my brief hiatus over the weekend I did manage to create a new bracelet to add to the SHOP. eden_1This beauty is called "Eden" and is a gold plated chain bracelet with dark brown gemstone pendant. I have been wanting to move away from using beads for awhile now and I am excited that I finally have a few new ideas to play around with.

Have a great Tuesday!