I Think I Lost Something

Before you start reading this you should know that this post is the complete opposite of my normal inspirational posts but I'm having a moment and I can't sleep so bare with me. Anyways, I think I lost something and not just any old something but something good. And it's pretty much my fault because I let my big mouth get me into trouble. What started out as a huge misunderstanding, I allowed to escalate in to more. See I'm the type that likes to know and if I feel like something is missing that I should know then I'm going to ask. I asked and I continued to ask. But because of the misunderstanding, the lack of communication and my patience..that something is now over.

Why is it that we as women feel like we must know everything even when there may or may not be anything to know?

Now normally I wouldn't care. Eh you win some, you lose some right? But this something was different. Quite possibly the exception. We clicked and I very rarely click with anything instantly. And its very rare that I even get close to anything to see if we would click. I wanted to keep it close. I never wanted it to end this way because people like that don't come around often. But we all make mistakes and arguments are bound to happen though...right?

I try to always keep in mind that God knows what he is doing. Apart of me knows that if its meant to be, it will be. Then the other part is still kicking myself in the ass for allowing it to get that far.

So what do you do when you have literally said all you can to fix it but its still broken?

I was extremely hesitant about writing this post because I have never been the one to openly talk about certain things dealing with my personal life (other than to close friends). I felt like I was walking a thin line between personal and too personal and I def didn't wan't to come off as a Debbie Downer on a Monday. But THIS is my LIFEstyle blog and I hope some where out there someone can relate.