Thank You.

Currently laying in my bed thinking about how my life was almost two years ago..I was sad..broken..confused and in a relationship I felt like was only backing me into a corner. And then came my peace..I began creating and putting all of my energy and worries into these little creations. i remember sitting at work and instead of actually working I would be face down into my little notebook doodling and scribbling away new ideas. I knew I was on to something. It was happiness and deep down it just felt right..without a shadow of a doubt THIS is what I wanted to do. Back then putting colorful beads on strings didn't seem like much to most. Constantly I heard "Everyone is creating jewelry", "You're no different". Even down to my own boyfriend telling me "You should just keep it as a hobby". But I knew it had to be more..I felt it and if anything I have ever learned is that a woman's intuition is rarely wrong. And with every negative comment I received I ALWAYS got two positive ones in return. So I wen't for it..gave my little "hobby" a name and completely consumed myself with it. A year and 9 months later I couldn't be happier. And I owe it all to everyone who has ever even mentioned Eclectic Stars name. Seriously THANK YOU..I never in a million years thought that I would be able to wake up every morning and do something that I love..Thank you for your purchases, your RT's, your "LIKES", your kind words..I am so thankful and appreciative to any and everyone who has ever supported me..I know it is cliche to say but without the support I would not have had the balls to continue doing what I do..I would have been let those negative comments get to me. This post is completely random & when Eclectic Star turns 2 in Feb you will be hearing this all over again.. but deep down from the bottom of my heart I wan't to say THANK YOU <3 Xo, Alisha