Managing A Social Life While Running A Business

Pretty much the past year and a half since starting Eclectic Star have been full of sacrifices. One of the biggest has had to be putting my social life towards the very end of my priority list. I've learned that when you go into business for yourself doing something you are extremely passionate about, you wan't to spend every waking hour on that business. Even tasks that you think won't last long end up taking hours because you just don't know when to stop. But I'm here to tell you homegirl, all work and no play will send you over edge. Don't be that girl. So here are a few of my personal tips on how to manage your social life while starting or running your own business.managing_a_social_life_while_running_a_business Force yourself to have a drink. Sometimes you just have to close the laptop, ignore your new email alerts, call your friends and pour yourself a shot (or 3). Trust me one night off will not be the end of your business.

Explain to friends and family whats going on. Be sure to tell your friends, boo and family what you are working on and that you may not be able to come out and play as much as they would like. If they truly support you, they won't mind.

Give yourself normal work hours. Whether your business is full time or currently just your side hustle. Set aside a time to start and to stop (and even days off), and if something doesn't get done just add it to your list for the next day. I'm sure for a lot of us, spending time with family and friends is a priority. At our last Blogger Buzz meet-up, Chelsea told us that you have to remember what is most important in your life and if something doesn't get done..its alrite.

Do you have a tip? I'd love to hear!

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