Meet Sonja From Eli And The Kids

Good morning and happy Monday my loves! Today I wan't to introduce you to one of my sponsors this month, Sonja blogger and owner of Eli and The Kids. Sonja creates these beautiful handmade dolls, hair bows, pillows and more that make me wish I had a little one to spoil. Check out her story below!

Eliandthekids Z doll pink orange 0Working on your passion can start at any age. My name is Sonja Polk and I was blessed to attend the Steve Harvey Disney Dreamers Academy in FL. I have to admit that this was my daughter’s trip that she won and have come away with amazing dreams, friendships and opportunities. So, when I realized that this trip was for me as well, I was beside myself and filled with so much hope… I had to start moving forward with the visions and dreams that have been given to me, therefore after getting my daughter settled into College this summer, I opened and

Eliandthekids Z doll placemat 0I have been sewing for over 30 years for family and friends. My dreams are to teach and introduce sewing and being creative to whomever wants to learn. I teach at local community centers afterschool programs, I have become a full time stay at home Mom and now I teach sewing out of my home, I have started writing and blogging again and I have opened my internet shop selling the items that I make by hand, one being the Z Dolls that I have created with the help of my daughters. The dolls are a reflection of the love that all little people need to feel. My motto is “Hug a Doll Today.” I have found that out of all the gifts that I have bought for my children that they really love and adore the handmade items that I have made for them over the years... so now I'm sharing them with everyone.  And I am hopefully inspiring someone to work in their passions and talents.

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