Nailed It | Quick & Easy Nail Design (Tutorial)

I think I have finally found something on Pinterest that I can actually do. If you have been keeping up with my previous Nailed It posts then you know how Pinterest often influences me to try things that never turn out right. So when I accomplished this quick and easy nail design, I had to share and give a little tutorial on how its done.

nailed_it_10This is the nail design we are going to attempt. Cute right?


First start off, decide what you wan't your base colors to be. I used "Berry Juicy" by Sally Hansen X-treme Wear (also used here) and "Stroke of Brilliance" by Essie for a little extra "bling".nailed_it_3nailed_it_2

For the design, I used these nail art polishes that I found at 5 Below (3 for $5 btw). I used hot pink and black.nailed_it_5

First, you are going to draw a straight line about half way down the middle of your nail, then a diagonal line from the middle out. Leaving enough space to draw more lines.nailed_it_6

Continue with the same two lines until the space is fully covered. (FYI the less paint you have on the brush the easier making your lines will be)


On the opposite side of the nail, use your second color and repeat the same pattern. I made the first black line down the middle a little longer than the pink line so it would give it more of a geometric look.nailed_it_8

Now for the extra empty spaces, depending on the size of your nail you may not be able to repeat the same patterns so what I did was draw as many as I could then made a random regular line to fill in the space.nailed_it_9

Add a clear top coat and use a Q-tip to clean up the paint left on your fingers and you now have a cute nail design! I promise its really easy and this is coming from someone who is not so coordinated with little to no patience. So if I can do it you can to. It honestly took me longer to write this post than it did to do the design.

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