Meet My "BIG" Aleshea From Glitz & Grits

Heeeyy everyone! So I recently signed up to be apart of the Bigs & Littles group which is put together for bigger bloggers to help out smaller bloggers with any questions or issues they may have with..blogging. And of course I wanted to introduce you to my new "BIG" and Texan Aleshea from Glitz & Grits.

Why did you start blogging? And how did you come up with your blog name?

A few years back I found a food blog via Pinterest. I remember reading and thinking I can do this. All she post is mostly salads and has like 50,000 followers. That is when the idea started. For a while I was only reading Tumblr blogs. I got together with Bestfran Numero Uno and was like lets start a food blog. We both really love to cook. Me more so than her. We were going to post all our favorite Southern/Texas recipes as well as tips for people. After about a year we became stuck and fizzled out. I was more interested in posting and she became to busy. I started to realize Tumblr, as great as it is, wasn't really the platform I needed. I love to write and it's hard to get people to read/follow when you're not just posting gifts. Would you believe people started following after I stopped posting on Tumblr. When I moved I was still mostly posting recipes. After a few months I started to find out about Lifestyle blogs and I haven't looked back. Besides I don't know if y'all know this but it's hard work being such a niche blogger. Buying food/taking pics/ writing the steps becomes a lot when your doing it three plus times a week. That and my fam would always complain dinner was cold because I would take so long plating and picture taking. Next month will mark one year blogging.

If you could take over any ones blog for a day, who's would it be?
Y'all, if I told you how much I love Gun and Garden, Bourbon and Boots, Southern Living & Texas Monthly. Wait, do their online websites count? Well I guess id have to say Bekahsresolve or Two of my favorite blogs and bloggers. We were destined to be blog frans. mybig
What can you be found doing when not blogging?
Oh my goodness. What can I be found doing when I'm not blogging? Well, you'll probably find me with a sweet tea in my right hand and phone in my left. Gah, that makes me sound SOO boring. I spend a lot of time with children. I work them. So I guess that's what you can find me doing. I'll probably still have the sweet tea in hand but not the phone. Ha
If you could only see one artist/band in concert for the rest of your life, who would it be?
Hmm, hardest question ever. Hardest I tell you. I'm bestfrans with music. I think I'd have to say Ashton Shepherd. Technically I've never seen her in concert but I love her music they much.
If I were to visit Texas today, what place would you tell me to visit first?
I love Texas and EVERYTHING it has to offer. Im one of those annoying Texans who's obsessed with the state. I'd probably say any backroad. You really wanna see the beauty of Texas than park yourself on a backroad somewhere in East, or Central Texas. But make sure you have a number one from Whataburger and a sweet tea from Chicken Express why doing so.
Any parting words of wisdom?
Always take the sweet tea. Yes I'm serious. Those are my famous last words.
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