I Am Not The Size Of A Stick Figure

I promise to you I had a really good post for today but I just had to express something that has been bothering the crap out of me since yesterday. I had the worst experience jean shopping in the mall yesterday. And I mean the worst. I recently wen't through my closet and gave away a lot of my jeans to my younger cousin so it was time for me to restock a little. My favorite jeans are Levis in the "bold curve" fit but since I'm on a semi-starving artist budget right now I have to search for cheaper options. Anyways I headed to the mall yesterday in hopes to pick up a few new pairs that a) didn't give me plumbers crack and b) didn't cost an arm and a leg.stickfigure I started my journey in Forever 21 which I probably should have known better  but I figured I'd give it a shot since I parked directly in front of the store. After walking around for at least 30 minutes I had 2 pairs of jeans in hand. I waited in the long line filled with hip little high schoolers (FYI going to the mall after school hours is almost as terrible as going to the mall on a Saturday) and tried them on. The first pair wouldn't come past my thighs. The second pair came up but if I wanted to be able to breathe they wouldn't work. See I'm a small girl with a somewhat odd shape. I am short and skinny with big thighs and little to no booty. So when I search for jeans I have to find some that will fit my height, thighs and waist which has NEVER been easy for me. So after not finding any jeans there in "my size" I headed to H&M which was clearly another mistake. The sizes that I THOUGHT were my size didn't fit. Like not even close to fitting. Now I know I enjoy the occasional cheeseburger and fries just as much as everyone else but I KNOW I haven't gained enough weight that it would send me two sizes over my normal fit. And that's exactly what I ended up with. Do you feel my frustration? It seriously seems like some of these stores only make clothing to fit little stick figures and if you are not that small size then you just have to make due with what is offered. Now no shade to my petite ladies, after my experience today I'm actually quite jealous of those who can fit into these tiny sizes. But I'm sure you can understand where I'm coming from. The only things I found in these stores that fit me were boyfriend jeans, which I love but seriously I do not want to walk around in baggy jeans 24/7.

But here I am again, just rambling. Do any of you have any issues jean shopping in these stores? I'm glad that I am happy with my size because I'm sure this type of pressure sends people into full on diet mode...no time for it.signature

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