The Weekend In Pictures

This has to be one of the fastest weekends in the history of weekends but it was a really good and much needed one. So I figured I'd share in pics. my_weekend_3


Ok this is the only picture I took from Friday but it really was the best day ever. As I said on Friday I needed a break..from everything and that's exactly what I did..I took a break and got in some much needed me time. My main goal was to go out and find some creative inspiration that def didn't happen but I did pick up these petty polishes from Target. I'll be doing a Nailed It! post with these later on in the week along with a quick and easy nail design.my_weekend_1

I'm not sure who turned the A/C up in North Carolina but it was SO cold on Saturday. I mean teeth chattering I had to break out the gloves type cold. I definitely lied when I said I was ready for Summer to be over. Anyways, I took Chop to the vet at what felt like the crack of dawn Saturday morning. She has been scratching and biting at the same area for a few weeks and come to find out I have the only beagle (who are supposed to be hunting dogs) in the world who seems to be allergic to EVERYTHING outside. I really don't get it. The afternoon was spent in Lexington at their annual BBQ Festival. Still cold I managed to get a turkey leg, shrimp po-boy and a fried Snickers. Needless the remainder of the day was spent trying to sleep off food and the nauseous feeling it all caused.my_weekend_2

Finally my Sunday was spent in doors in the warmth reading my new book Unlabel by Marc Ecko and planning some things for November (which I can't believe starts Friday, the hell?)

So no I didn't get all dressed up to celebrate early-Halloween or anything like that but these are the types of weekends I live for. Stress free and relaxed.

I hope you all had a great weekend!