You Should Probably Have A Seat..Maybe Several

So one of my favorite sayings when someone says or does something stupid or is just plain annoying is "you should have a seat". And if they really piss me off then "you should have several seats". It means to pretty much go away and think about your dumbness. I'm not sure where I got it from but I'm almost positive its from one of those Atlanta Housewives. Anyways, I figured I'd share some people/things that need to have a seat.

1. The Cheerios Bee. I'm sure we've seen the commercial with him dancing to his version of Nelly's "Ride With Me". Trying to make the bee cool is like trying to make "fetch" happen.

2. The mother who sent her daughter to Siberia because she was being too rebellious. Military Sent off to live with a relative in another But Siberia? Seriously that is ridiculous. Especially when she doesnt speak there language and has no way to make it back to the states.

3. The "ex" in my text messages right now who all of a sudden wants to "do better". =/anigif_enhanced-buzz-9094-1355426145-3

4. This test I took yesterday that told me that with my attitude I should be living in Colorado. I guess I'm way too lame to live somewhere cool like California or NY.

5. The person who wrote this post about Miley. Ok I laughed. But don't mess with my Miley!


Anyone or anything you wan't to have a seat? Do share.


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