Diddy + Lil Mama Are Having The Best Week Ever

...and its only Tuesday!revolttv_logo Unless you have been living under a rock then you know that Diddy finally launched his latest business venture, Revolt TV. Yes an actual TV station. I was a little skeptical about the idea of him having his own channel but from the looks of it Revolt TV is exactly what we have been needing. Diddy has officially brought back music television. For the launch he has been playing music videos from all different genres starting with Biggies "Juicy". Being the music lover that I am I have been hoping and praying that MTV would go BACK to being a music station and less of a reality tv stomping ground. But eh, too late now..seems as if Diddy has taken care of that issue. Now the station is currently only being broadcast on Time Warner Cable, but you can view the lime stream on the website (not sure how long he will be doing this). Diddy is def having a great week.lilmama

If you follow me on Twitter then you would have seen my commentary through out lasts nights premier of TLC's biopic film CrazySexyCool on VH1. I just wan't to say the movie was 8385857 times better than I thought it would be. Keke Palmer and Drew Sidora did a really good job playing Chili and T-Boz but Lil Mama def took the cake playing Left Eye. I mean home girl did and AMAZING job and it was almost scary how much she looked and acted just  like Left Eye. If you haven't seen the movie I'm sure VH1 will play it a million more times but if you have ever sung and/or made up a dance routine to any TLC song then you must watch it. It was like a blast from my childhood. So many great memories.

So there you have it, Diddy and Lil Mama are OFFICIALLY having a better week than the rest of us.


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