Newbie Blogging Tips From Around The Way Pt. II

A few months ago I put together a list of links full of blogging tips that have helped me out since I started this journey. I'm the type of person who will Google everything, so I figured it would be helpful to have all these tips compiled into one post. Since then I've come across new issues and a ton of new questions about blogging so I decided to do a part two for anyone who may need the help just as much as I do.blogging_tips_for_newbie_bloggers_part_two

7 Ways To Get Blog Post Ideas (Back East Blonde) - Trying to keep your blog interesting can be difficult especially if you blog nearly everyday of the week. I haven't tried all of these tips yet but the first one helped me out A LOT.

Independent Fashion Bloggers - Although its geared towards fashion bloggers their blog offers a lot of really good information about he blogging business that any type of blogger can use.

Draft A Killer Media Kit For Your Blog - I've been procrastinating creating a media kit for my site because I honestly thought it was difficult. This post breaks down what exactly should be included in your blogs media kit.

Tips For A Better Blog: How To Use Pinterest ( The House That Lars Built) - I've noticed recently that a lot of my page views come from Pinterest. Here are some tips you can use to get the most out of your Pinterest account.

How Much To Charge For A Sponsored Post (Bloggers Bazaar) - Discussing money can be awkward but nobody has time to be working for free.

I hope these help you. No I don't spend all of my time trying to figure out the world of blogging (I'm lying). But whenever I do come across something helpful I pin it to my blogging board on Pinterest. Any helpful sites you use? Let me know.

In case you missed it, Newbie Blogging Tips From Around The Way Part 1


PS. I will be giving a $1 from any of my sponsor sales and $2 from anything purchased from Eclectic Star to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month through out the remainder of the month :)