10 Useless Facts About Me

Some of my favorite blogs to read are the ones where I feel like I know the blogger in real life. Seriously, I have a few blogger besties (in my head). Most would probably think that is creepy as all hell but I'm assuming this is totally normal in the blogging world. So I decided to put together a few useless facts about me. 1. I bought my dog Porkchop off of Craigslist from this Hillbilly-ish woman with a bunch of babies..she text me for weeks afterwards wanting pics of her as if was an "open adoption"

2. Whenever I'm out and a song comes on that I know the words to it automatically becomes MY SONG and everyone must know.

3. I hate taking pics and I think selfies are awkward, yet I manage to take around 4-5 per week. #HelloInstagrammecollage

4. #I #Will #Hashtag #Errrthing #Evenlongannoyingsentencesthatdontneedtobehashtaggedever

5. I have a huge issue with foods with strange textures. I won't eat grits, mashed potatoes, apple sauce nor eggs. Feel free to judge.

6. I think I'm a rapper.

7. I have the biggest girl crushes on Mindy Kaling and Zooey Deschanel.tumblr_mcrg1hay3x1qj6xzto1_250orig-20888801

8.  I'm the ultimate homebody...getting me up off my couch is a huge accomplishment.

9. I'm terrified of spiders, like full on screaming on the verge of tears type terrified.

10. I have a slight obsession with even numbers which is why I had to makes this #10 because ending on 9 would have annoyed me for the rest of the day.

Happy Humpday Homies!


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