Monday Inspiration + New Products Added To The Shop

your_futureI have Pinterest to thank for today's inspiration because I was clearly stuck and was about to repeat a quote from months ago. And I love pretty much any quote that talks about believing in your dreams.

Speaking of dreams, remember how I said last week that I was going to begin to add more Eclectic Star related news to TAN. Of course you do. Well today I am happy to announce that I have finally added a few new products to the shop! newproductcollage

Two new bracelets and two new necklaces that I am REALLY excited about. I've been working with beads for so long that it feels great to introduce a few different styles that don't include beads into the mix. There are still some of my older pieces available and a few pieces that I sort of remixed. It has been a process but I am really happy with all of the ideas I have come up with, I've had the worst creators block the past few months. And there will be plenty more added within the next few weeks. You can click HERE to visit the shop or just hit the SHOP button up top.

Did I mention I make everything?! #SupportHandmade :)