Dream A Little Louder

I have always been a dreamer, my mind is forever working thinking up of different ideas. Although I am now finally going after my dreams, I have always struggled with talking about them. Mostly because of fear and worrying that other people wouldn't get it like I got it. Even with starting Eclectic Star and this blog, people probably think those ideas came out of nowhere and I just wen't with it. Not knowing that I have always dreamed of starting a business and having a place to put my random thoughts. If so then that's my own fault because I have always been too afraid to put my dreams out there.

So after reading this post from Molly and seeing how she put her dreams and goals out there for the world to see, I was immediately inspired to do the same. I'm a firm believer of "writing the vision and making it plain". And she was def right in saying that you never know where putting your ideas out there could lead you. So here I am letting it all out there into blog world. These are my goals as of now. If they change, then cool. I know that they would change for the better.


MOVE! I've talked about this all up and through this blog, but I am so ready to settle down somewhere. Not to mention my need for space is URGENT. I wan't to start off with an apartment but my ultimate dream is to purchase an older home and completely renovate it.

NEW CAR! I've had "Lucy" since I was 15..I'm 25 now. She is slowly dying and its been time to let her go. Plus I have my eye on the new Altima coupes or a "Barbie" Jeep.

I wan't to have at least 3 months worth of bills saved up. I suck at saving money and honestly only ever save when there is something I wan't to buy or plan on going on vacation. But you never know what could happen and since I plan on moving by myself I need to be prepared.

FAITH. I am a lot better than I used to be when it comes to having faith but I wan't to get to a point where even in the most stressful of times I am able to put all of my faith into God and stop trying to figure it out on my own.

LOVE. I don't think this is something I can actually work towards. But the big softy sap in me dreams of being in mind blowing love with some one with mutual feelings (when the time is right, of course).live_your_dream


Eclectic Star becomes a well known brand across the U.S. I could probably write an entire post on my goals and dreams for ES but it being a well known and respected brand is probably my biggest dream. I also wan't my products to be sold in a few small boutiques and numerous Urban Outfitters. Seriously I wan't Eclectic Star to get to a point where I have to hire people to help me create and keep up with orders.

Studio/Office Space. I'm so over working on my living room couch. And if you follow me on Pinterest then you know how obsessed I am with offices. I have my future work space already designed in my head and I can't wait to see my name on the door.

Develop my personal brand. This is one of the main reasons why I named this blog after myself (and because I was lazy). I wan't to be known as someone you can go to for business and everyday advice and inspiration.

Write A "real-life" business book. By real life I mean not a book filled with fluff about all the joys of starting a business. I'm talking a book about real life experiences and what to expect when starting a business. The highs and the lows.

Collaborate with a nail polish company. If you follow this blog then you know my obsession is real. I would cry a million tears of pure joy to one day see Eclectic Star by OPI on a shelf in Target. I already have the colors and names ready to go.

Use my degree. I wen't to school for Mass Communications in hopes of becoming a publicist. Eh, that never happened. But since I owe Sallie Mae big time, I would love to put that piece of paper to some use. Even if its just doing PR things for my own brands.

Start a non-profit that offers affordable pet care. I know places like the Humane Society offer affordable spay and neuter services for dogs and cats. But if they get sick afterwards you're out of luck. If you have ever had a sick pet you know how expensive taking several trips to the vet can be. I have a huge spot in my heart for animals and would love to do something for people who may not be able to afford their pets health care.

I know this seems like A LOT but I just turned 25 and I honesty believe if you wan't to do something you should go for it no matter how old or scared you may be. And their is nothing more motivating on a slow day than looking at all of the things you dream of doing.

I would love to know what some of your dreams are?!